French Mortgages

Reports have been released today that France is the number one destination in Europe who can still obtain French mortgages up to 85% for international investors buying up property.,

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Perfect Time to Buy French Property

French Mortgages hit a record low of 3.1% fixed for 25 years, that’s a mortgage you cannot obtain anywhere in the world. Investors relies they wont be around for ever so their snapping up safe haven investments in Paris, Cote D’azur and the French Alps. By locking in their interest rates they avoid any mortgage increases and know exactly where they stand with their investment.

Complete Self-Financing Investments in France

Thanks to the record low interest rates, and prime locations in France investors are achieving to have a complete self-financing investment with a 70% French Mortgage. This way they don’t have any hassle or worry of interest rate hikes or monthly shortfall to top up.

Revolutionary News for Courchevel 1650 – Up and Coming Areas Now is the Time to Buy There

Courchevel 1650 will have investments of 181 million pumped into the resort. Building a direct ski lift link reaching Courchevel 1850 within 5 mins, and a massive Aquacenter built right in the center of the resort that will contain the largest swimming pool in France along with hammam, sauna, with endless water activities. This is excellent news for Courchevel Families who wish to spend their summer or winter months in 1650 now they can have much more pleasure in staying there. Click here to see more

France is the number one destination for Property Investment in Europe

Many investors who have invested in France would be happy to know that their property prices haven’t reduced but increased over the years in areas like Paris, Cote d’Azur and the French Alps these are the 3 main areas in France where investors Click here to see more